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Semi-competent people offering free candy (insights & hindsight), some sweet, some sour, but always with the hope that you’ll know you’re worthy of love and respect. The world needs you, and right now – you are enough. Listen on iTunes or Spotify!

New Year Alignment Candy from Strangers

If you made a list of everything you loved most in this world, how long would it take you to list yourself?It's season two baby! We're digging in.Lets be real. We were not excited for 2022. The idea of planning goals felt overwhelming and like wishful thinking. And we haven't been on our own love lists for a long while.Instead of goal mapping or making trite resolutions, we chose the theme of Alignment for this new year.We know what being out of alignment feels like, but what would it feel like to be aligned? To help figure this out we're going  to kickoff this year with an overview of Brené Brown's "The Gifts of Imperfection" in our next episode!  We'll include our thoughts and reactions, what we've learned and what we're going to do about it! To follow along with us, snag a copy at Amazon or B&N, take your gas tank quiz on her website and lets dig in! Quiz Here: wholeheartedinventoryBook Here: Amazon or B&NHere's to learning the process of becoming wholehearted people aligned with our values, learning to love ourselves and be top list people!We're so glad you're joining us!Rebecca & James
  1. New Year Alignment
  2. That's a Wrap! (for this season & the feature film!)
  3. Progress Report B+
  4. Octopus Bread Lady
  5. Stoic Study


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