Next to North Production Needs

PRODUCTION NEEDS SHOOTING SCHEDULEANCHORAGE JULY 1-10 FAIRBANKS/NORTH POLE JULY 13 – 17 All hands on deck! Email any items, locations, and support you can offer to be part of this feature length film to: VEHICLES Truck 1: (Crew cab) Needed Anc to Fbks drive (and back). Drive to Seward and back. Key part in film-Continue reading “Next to North Production Needs”

Next to North Casting Call

CASTING CALL NEXT TO NORTH Schedule/Location of FilmingSee roles for specific location and dates ALL ROLES Standby for our next production update! CAST ROLES AMKAFBKS and ANC – SUPPORTINGNative Alaskan Woman – Late 30s to mid-40’sShe graduated from UAF with a Bachelor’s in Biology. She is smart, sassy, and single. She’s jealous of Tori’s fancyContinue reading “Next to North Casting Call”