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All hands on deck!
Email any items, locations, and support you can offer to be part of this
feature length film to:


Truck 1: (Crew cab) Needed Anc to Fbks drive (and back). Drive to Seward and back. Key part in film- this will be the Lead’s vehicle used in road trip. Two weeks, must be dependable.

Truck 2: Anchorage only. A woman’s vehicle, driven by lead. Three scenes.

4-wheeler: Fairbanks/North Pole. One scene.


Seward Parking – Mt. Marathon parking is nuts on race day! (changed date this year) Do you have a driveway we can park in? We need to keep our borrowed vehicle safe and out of the way.

Grandmother’s – Anchorage: A dated kitchen/dining combo, the family hang out spot. It is a main space – family scenes/card game. View of entrance a plus!

Jim’s Living room/Dining room – Anchorage:  A lived in guy’s living room (possible use of kitchen with microwave)

Jim’s – Fairbanks or Anc Front yard/exterior house. Tires/blue tarps? Yes!

‘New Apartment’ – Anchorage or surrounding areas: a sparse, cute, small living space with kitchenette and table. A cabin or A-frame would be perfect!

Outhouse – Possible add in.

Local Business – If you’d like your business featured in the film, we would love to add footage to our montage scenes! The goal: To support local communities by promoting stores and dining locations in Anchorage, Seward, Fairbanks, North Pole and the drive between, with hopes to bring travelers and customers to AK!

CAST (See Casting Call)

Amka – Supporting: North Pole/Fairbanks/Anchorage
Grandmother – Supporting: Anchorage

Robin – Supporting: Anchorage
Gat – Supporting: Anchorage
Jim – Principal: Anchorage
Joe – Principal: Anchorage

Aurora – Principal: Anchorage
Retired Dog sled racer – Day player: Anchorage
Pioneer – Day player: Cantwell or Nenana
Woman – Day player: Fairbanks (with car)

Larper- Day player: Anchorage (Possibly Fairbanks)
Extras – Anchorage/Fairbanks Office professional/funeral attendees.

PROPS (for borrow and return)

Two small tents     
Rotary phone / Used pinochle card decks x2
Wood carving of a cell phone
Pinochle cards, legal pad, pencil, mugs, ashtrays, cigarettes

Pill bottles, Oxygen tank?, empty used matchbox
Crock Pot
Pan/Spatula, Eggs , Pot / potholders, tea kettle (shiny copper?)
Tube of pick-up sticks / jack’s game / small vintage toys
Electronics: Old desktop computer, ‘new’ pay-by-minute phone/box,
‘New’ Laptop (no stickers)/Box, Gift bag for laptop
Forget-me-not flowers, fresh / Rhubarb- fresh stalks
Cutters bug spray
Wet Ones
Wood spoon

Health Care tote bag (Fairbanks Memorial Hospital)
Used kid bike (5-year-old size) a ‘dump find’ – Anc OR Fbks
Diamond willow cane

WARDROBE (for borrow and return)

Alaska Ware: Reds/ Greens/ Gold/ Tan/ Cream/ Brown
Kuspuk/Atikluk – for Amka in North Pole
Women’s size 11 Xtratuff boots, Youth Size 4 (9-year-old),
Child size 12 (5-year-old) for use in Seward.
For Robin: Women’s slippers with duct tape/ old army liner. Scrubs, N90 mask/
face shield. – Anchorage
Red suspenders – Anchorage
Men’s Carhart XL jacket
Any Alaska Chick Brand Clothing: Women’s L, Youth 9/10, Child 5/6
Any North Face Brand Clothing: Men’s XL, Women’s L, Youth 9/10, Child 5/6

FOOD (for cast and crew)

Any donations of pre-packaged food, or gift cards to local restaurants is greatly appreciated! A fed cast & crew is a happy cast & crew – and its easier to work with folks who aren’t hangry. If you can’t help with any of these items or donate to our GoFundMe page, sending words of encouragement helps too!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

It takes a community to make something great and Alaskan communities are the best! Email any items, locations, and support you can offer to be part of this
feature length film to: